Mr.Vijay Singh


Mr.Vijay Singh charismatic personality has always kept him distinguished in the crowd. While at this position he left no stone unturned towards ensuring that only the best plans come through and no compromise is made towards the designs and quality of the services provided. Mr.Vijay Singh has held several important and high pressure appointments. It is after the formation of Networth Properties in 2010; Mr.Vijay Singh involved himself completely into raising the standards of Real Estate sector and made Networth Properties a trusted name in realty sector. Today Networth Properties is a well-known name in real estate & construction in South Mumbai, with its quality of services and well-engineered designs emerged as trend setter in contemporary real estate sector. Networth Properties is a young & vibrant yet strong organization, founded in the year 2010 by Mr.Vijay Singh. Networth Properties is a company guided by strong principles and ethos. Passion to build unmatched structures with innovative designs, fresh ideas, beautiful aesthetics and high end technology. An ambition to raise the bar the way people live, work and play and to improve the quality of lives of the society at large. Our aim is not just to live up to our dreams, passions or ambitions, it is to cherish them. Our ethoses are reflected in our work. What we promise, we promise with our heart & soul. Our satisfaction lies in seeing it fulfilled to the fullest. When you get something extra to enjoy your life in a better way, we share your pleasure with each added number of our smiling customers, the feeling grows stronger.

Mr.Jagat Singh

Residential Manager

Pursuing LAW by qualification, Mr.Jagat Singh has risen to become Residential Manager - with Networth Properties at a young age, and has infused the company’s operations with his dynamism and professional approach. Since 2010, when he joined Networth Properties, his keen business acumen has helped the company in exploring new avenues and venturing into new vistas. Passionate and ambitious in his approach, he has inspired and led a strong team of professionals while maintaining multi-fold growth of the company year-on-year at all times.